Class PathFilter

  extended by org.eclipse.jgit.treewalk.filter.TreeFilter
      extended by org.eclipse.jgit.treewalk.filter.PathFilter

public class PathFilter
extends TreeFilter

Includes tree entries only if they match the configured path.

Applications should use PathFilterGroup to connect these into a tree filter graph, as the group supports breaking out of traversal once it is known the path can never match.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 PathFilter clone()
          Clone this tree filter, including its parameters.
static PathFilter create(String path)
          Create a new tree filter for a user supplied path.
 String getPath()
 boolean include(TreeWalk walker)
          Determine if the current entry is interesting to report.
 boolean isDone(TreeWalk walker)
 boolean shouldBeRecursive()
          Does this tree filter require a recursive walk to match everything?
 String toString()
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Method Detail


public static PathFilter create(String path)
Create a new tree filter for a user supplied path.

Path strings are relative to the root of the repository. If the user's input should be assumed relative to a subdirectory of the repository the caller must prepend the subdirectory's path prior to creating the filter.

Path strings use '/' to delimit directories on all platforms.

path - the path to filter on. Must not be the empty string. All trailing '/' characters will be trimmed before string's length is checked or is used as part of the constructed filter.
a new filter for the requested path.
IllegalArgumentException - the path supplied was the empty string.


public String getPath()
the path this filter matches.


public boolean include(TreeWalk walker)
Description copied from class: TreeFilter
Determine if the current entry is interesting to report.

This method is consulted for subtree entries even if TreeWalk.isRecursive() is enabled. The consultation allows the filter to bypass subtree recursion on a case-by-case basis, even when recursion is enabled at the application level.

Specified by:
include in class TreeFilter
walker - the walker the filter needs to examine.
true if the current entry should be seen by the application; false to hide the entry.


public boolean shouldBeRecursive()
Description copied from class: TreeFilter
Does this tree filter require a recursive walk to match everything?

If this tree filter is matching on full entry path names and its pattern is looking for a '/' then the filter would require a recursive TreeWalk to accurately make its decisions. The walker is not required to enable recursive behavior for any particular filter, this is only a hint.

Specified by:
shouldBeRecursive in class TreeFilter
true if the filter would like to have the walker recurse into subtrees to make sure it matches everything correctly; false if the filter does not require entering subtrees.


public PathFilter clone()
Description copied from class: TreeFilter
Clone this tree filter, including its parameters.

This is a deep clone. If this filter embeds objects or other filters it must also clone those, to ensure the instances do not share mutable data.

Specified by:
clone in class TreeFilter
another copy of this filter, suitable for another thread.


public String toString()
toString in class TreeFilter


public boolean isDone(TreeWalk walker)
walker - The walk to check against.
true if the path length of this filter matches the length of the current path of the supplied TreeWalk.

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