Utility classes for IO (streams).


Class Summary
AutoCRLFInputStream An OutputStream that expands LF to CRLF.
AutoCRLFOutputStream An OutputStream that expands LF to CRLF.
CountingOutputStream Counts the number of bytes written.
DisabledOutputStream An OutputStream which always throws IllegalStateExeption during write.
EolCanonicalizingInputStream An input stream which canonicalizes EOLs bytes on the fly to '\n'.
InterruptTimer Triggers an interrupt on the calling thread if it doesn't complete a block.
MessageWriter Combines messages from an OutputStream (hopefully in UTF-8) and a Writer.
NullOutputStream An OutputStream which ignores everything written to it.
SafeBufferedOutputStream A BufferedOutputStream that throws an error if the final flush fails on close.
StreamCopyThread Thread to copy from an input stream to an output stream.
TeeInputStream Input stream that copies data read to another output stream.
ThrowingPrintWriter An alternative PrintWriter that doesn't catch exceptions.
TimeoutInputStream InputStream with a configurable timeout.
TimeoutOutputStream OutputStream with a configurable timeout.
UnionInputStream An InputStream which reads from one or more InputStreams.

Package Description

Utility classes for IO (streams).

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