Package org.eclipse.jgit.util

Utility classes.


Class Summary
Base64 Encodes and decodes to and from Base64 notation.
BlockList<T> Random access list that allocates entries in blocks.
CachedAuthenticator Abstract authenticator which remembers prior authentications.
CachedAuthenticator.CachedAuthentication Authentication data to remember and reuse.
ChangeIdUtil Utilities for creating and working with Change-Id's, like the one used by Gerrit Code Review.
FileUtils File Utilities
FS Abstraction to support various file system operations not in Java.
GitDateFormatter A utility for formatting dates according to the Git formats plus extensions.
GitDateParser Parses strings with time and date specifications into Date.
HttpSupport Extra utilities to support usage of HTTP.
IntList A more efficient List using a primitive integer array.
IO Input/Output utilities
LongList A more efficient List using a primitive long array.
MutableInteger A boxed integer that can be modified.
NB Conversion utilities for network byte order handling.
QuotedString Utility functions related to quoted string handling.
QuotedString.BourneStyle Quoting style used by the Bourne shell.
QuotedString.BourneUserPathStyle Bourne style, but permits ~user at the start of the string.
QuotedString.GitPathStyle Quoting style that obeys the rules Git applies to file names
RawCharSequence A rough character sequence around a raw byte buffer.
RawCharUtil Utility class for character functions on raw bytes
RawParseUtils Handy utility functions to parse raw object contents.
RawSubStringPattern Searches text using only substring search.
RefList<T extends Ref> Specialized variant of an ArrayList to support a RefDatabase.
RefList.Builder<T extends Ref> Builder to facilitate fast construction of an immutable RefList.
RefMap Specialized Map to present a RefDatabase namespace.
RelativeDateFormatter Formatter to format timestamps relative to the current time using time units in the format defined by git log --relative-date.
StringUtils Miscellaneous string comparison utility methods.
SystemReader Interface to read values from the system.
TemporaryBuffer A fully buffered output stream.
TemporaryBuffer.Heap A temporary buffer that will never exceed its in-memory limit.
TemporaryBuffer.LocalFile A fully buffered output stream using local disk storage for large data.

Enum Summary
GitDateFormatter.Format Git and JGit formats

Package org.eclipse.jgit.util Description

Utility classes.

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