Release Notes for CDO R20110215-2220

These release notes have been generated from the commit log of the 3.0 stream and the associated bugzillas.
The first commit is 214c936b49fb4222cd2cf6791ea7a44aa7d8e401 in the streams/3.0-maintenance branch.
The last commit is 67ab460c5e3b89716569697984bd3ad0620076af in the streams/3.0-maintenance branch.
The previous build of the 3.0 stream is R20100914-1022.

Table of Contents

CDO Model Repository (Core)


enhancement [327146] Support IRepository.Handlers for read and write access at the same time    closed-fixed in 3.0
enhancement [337118] Update all package import version ranges of H2 driver to < 2.0.0    closed-fixed in 4.0

Bug Fixes

critical [327587] CDOCommonUtil.isValidTimeStamp() does not work for UNSPECIFIED_DATE    resolved-fixed in 4.0
critical [333462] Client gets a duplicate OID error    resolved-fixed in 4.0
normal [322754] NullPointerException after deleting a resource    resolved-fixed in 4.0
normal [325513] Mismatch between CDO_RESOURCE__RESOURCE_SET and RESOURCE__RESOURCE_SET    resolved-fixed in 4.0
normal [327630] ConcurrentModificationException in BranchRevisionCache    resolved-fixed in 4.0
normal [329171] CDOResource.isLoaded returns false after adding/clearing contents of new resource    resolved-fixed in 4.0
minor [325436] [CDO] Invalid Javadoc for CDOTransaction.Option.addChangeSubscriptionPolicy    resolved-fixed in 4.0

CDO Model Repository (Hibernate Support)

Bug Fixes

normal [330075] [Hibernate] TeneoHibernateMappingProvider#getMapping() does not remove EcorePackage/EResourcePackage    resolved-fixed in 4.0

CDO Dawn

Bug Fixes

normal [322728] [Dawn] DawnCreationWizard fails if the page for the semantic resource is not entered    resolved-fixed in 4.0

The previous build of the 3.0 stream is R20100914-1022.