Package org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.model

Common concepts for dealing with models and types.

Interface Summary
CDOClassifierRef.Provider Provides classifier references.
CDOClassInfo An EMF adapter that encapsulates CDO specific information about an EClass.
CDOModelConstants Symbolic model constants commonly used in CDO.
CDOPackageInfo Describes a single package instance of the nested package tree strucure represented by the containing package unit.
CDOPackageRegistry An EMF package registry that is used by CDO repositories and sessions.
CDOPackageTypeRegistry.CDOObjectMarker A common marker interface for CDO (native) objects.
CDOPackageUnit Represents a tree structure of nested packages that are registered with a package registry and that can only be serialized as a whole.
CDOType Provides access to all CDO-supported data types.

Class Summary
CDOClassifierRef References an EClassifier.
CDOModelUtil Various static helper methods for dealing with CDO meta models.
CDOPackageRegistryPopulator Populates a target package registry by asynchronously polling a source package registry for new EPackage registrations.
CDOPackageRegistryPopulator.Descriptor A package descriptor that resolves packages from a source package registry.
CDOPackageTypeRegistry A singleton registry for the package unit types of EMF packages.
EMFUtil Various static helper methods for dealing with EMF meta models.
EMFUtil.ExtResourceSet An extension of ResourceSetImpl that allows demandLoading of resources and delegation of resource lookups, to be switched on/off as desired.

Enum Summary
CDOPackageUnit.State Describes the possible states a package unit may be in during its lifecycle.
CDOPackageUnit.Type Describes the instances of classes of a package unit.

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2012 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.