Package org.eclipse.emf.cdo.common.revision

Common concepts for dealing with revisions and revision lists.

Interface Summary
CDOAllRevisionsProvider Provides consumers with all revisions available in an instance of this interface.
CDOElementProxy A moveable placeholder for the element of a list at a specified index.
CDOIDAndBranch An ID / branch pair.
CDOIDAndVersion An ID / version number pair.
CDOList A moveable EList.
CDOListFactory Creates list instances.
CDOListResolver A strategy that specifies which list elememts must be present (loaded) in a CDOID list of a revision when a certain list index is accessed.
CDORevisable An entity that has a defined lifetime (creation plus revision) and a version in a branch.
CDORevision Encapsulates the immutable system information of a single CDO object between two commits in a branch and provides access to its modeled data.
CDORevisionCache Caches revisions and possibly evicts those that are no longer strongly referenced when free memory runs low.
CDORevisionCache.EvictionEvent An event fired from a revision cache for revisions that are evicted because they are no longer strongly referenced when free memory runs low.
CDORevisionCacheAdder An entity that revisions can be added to.
CDORevisionData Encapsulates the modeled information and the EMF system values of a revision.
CDORevisionFactory Creates revision instances.
CDORevisionHandler A call-back interface that indicates the ability to handle revisions that are passed from other entities.
CDORevisionKey Uniquely identifies a revision by version in a branch.
CDORevisionManager Provides access to revisions in a CDO repository by demand loading and caching them.
CDORevisionProvider Provides consumers with the revisions of identifiable CDO objects by selecting a particular one from several possible branch points.

Class Summary
CDORevisionHandler.Filtered A delegating revision handler with a filter() method used to suppress specific revisions.
CDORevisionHandler.Filtered.Undetached A delegating revision handler that filters detached revisions.
CDORevisionUtil Various static helper methods for dealing with revisions.
CDORevisionUtil.AllRevisionsDumper Dumps revisions, sorted and grouped by branch, to various output formats and targets.
CDORevisionUtil.AllRevisionsDumper.Stream A revision dumper that directs all output to a stream.
CDORevisionUtil.AllRevisionsDumper.Stream.Html A revision dumper that directs all output as HTML text to a stream.
CDORevisionUtil.AllRevisionsDumper.Stream.Plain A revision dumper that directs all output as plain text to a stream.
CDORevisionUtil.CDORevisionComparator Compares revision keys by ID and version.

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2012 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.