Package org.eclipse.emf.cdo.net4j

Client concepts for dealing with Net4j-based sessions to remote repositories.

Interface Summary
CDONet4jSession A Net4j-specific CDO session.
CDONet4jSession.Options Encapsulates a set of notifying session configuration options.
CDONet4jSessionConfiguration Configures and opens new Net4j-specific CDO sessions.
CDOSession Deprecated. Use CDONet4jSession.
CDOSession.Options Deprecated. Use CDONet4jSession.Options.
CDOSessionConfiguration Deprecated. Use CDONet4jSessionConfiguration.
CDOSessionRecoveryEvent A session event fired from recovering session when recovery has started or finished.
FailoverCDOSessionConfiguration A session configuration that recovers from network problems by failing over to backup repositories as directed by a fail-over monitor.
ReconnectingCDOSessionConfiguration A session configuration that recovers from network problems by attempting to reconnect to the same repository in specific intervals.
RecoveringCDOSessionConfiguration A session configuration that uses a heart beat protocol to detect network problems.

Class Summary
CDONet4jUtil Various static methods that may help with Net4j-specific CDO sessions.
CDONet4jViewProvider A view provider that uses Net4j-specific CDO sessions to open views.
CDONet4jViewProvider.JVM A JVM-based view provider.
CDONet4jViewProvider.SSL An SSL-based view provider.
CDONet4jViewProvider.TCP A TCP-based view provider.

Enum Summary
CDOSessionRecoveryEvent.Type Enumerates the possible types of session recovery events.

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2012 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.