CDO Release Engineering Documentation

Technical Writer's Guide


 Authoring Documentations
 Authoring JavaDocs
 Authoring Articles
Referencing Existing Content
1.1 Referencing Categories
1.2 Referencing Articles
1.3 Referencing Chapters
1.4 Reusing Content by Inlining
1.5 Embedding External Content
1.5.1 Embedding Java Code
1.5.2 Embedding XML Code
1.5.3 Embedding Excel Tables
 Building Documentations
 Assembling Plugins
 Generating Documentations
 Connecting To Repositories
Set Buffer Capacity
Set Connection Timeout
 Creating Transport Connections
Select a Transport Type
Setup a Wiring Container
Add Configuration Parameters
3.1 Set the Buffer Capacity
3.2 Set the Connection Timeout
 Embedding XML Snippets
XML Example with a Callout
XMI Example


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