Package org.eclipse.net4j.util.container

A framework of notifying collections and wiring containers.

Interface Summary
IContainer<E> Contains a number of elements and notifies about element addition and removal.
IContainer.Modifiable<E> A container with additional methods to add or remove elements.
IContainerDelta<E> Describes the addition or removal of a single element from a container.
IContainerEvent<E> An event fired from a container when its elements have changed.
IContainerEventVisitor<E> A callback interface for visiting container deltas.
IContainerEventVisitor.Filtered<E> An extension interface for container event visitors that can filter deltas from being visited.
IElementProcessor Processes elements of a managed container when they're added to the container.
IManagedContainer A container that populates itself by means of element factories and post processors .
IPluginContainer A managed container that is configured by the extension registry .
ISlow A marker interface to indicate that some method calls may be slow.

Class Summary
Container<E> An abstract base implementation of a container with a lifecycle.
ContainerDelta<E> A default container delta implementation.
ContainerEvent<E> A default container event implementation.
ContainerEventAdapter<E> A listener that dispatches container events to methods that can be overridden by extenders.
ContainerUtil Various static helper methods for dealing with containers.
LifecycleEventConverter<E> A delegating listener that converts lifecycle events into container events.
ManagedContainer A default implementation of a managed container.
SetContainer<E> An implementation of a container that stores its elements in a set.
SingleDeltaContainerEvent<E> A container event with a single element delta.

Enum Summary
IContainerDelta.Kind Enumerates the possible container delta kinds IContainerDelta.Kind.ADDED or IContainerDelta.Kind.REMOVED.

Exception Summary
FactoryNotFoundException An unchecked exception that indicates the absence of a factory identified by product group and type.

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2012 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.