Class CDOComparisonScope

  extended by AbstractComparisonScope
      extended by
Direct Known Subclasses:
CDOComparisonScope.AllContents, CDOComparisonScope.Minimal

public abstract class CDOComparisonScope
extends AbstractComparisonScope

A CDO-specific base implementation of a comparison scope.

Nested Class Summary
static class CDOComparisonScope.AllContents
          Takes an arbitrary object (including resource nodes) and returns matches for all elements of its content tree.
static class CDOComparisonScope.Minimal
          Takes a view/transaction and returns matches only for the changed elements of the entire content tree of its root resource.
Constructor Summary
CDOComparisonScope(Notifier left, Notifier right, Notifier origin)
Method Summary
 Iterator<? extends EObject> getCoveredEObjects(Resource resource)
 Iterator<? extends Resource> getCoveredResources(ResourceSet resourceSet)
 boolean isResolveProxies()
 void setResolveProxies(boolean resolveProxies)
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Constructor Detail


public CDOComparisonScope(Notifier left,
                          Notifier right,
                          Notifier origin)
Method Detail


public Iterator<? extends Resource> getCoveredResources(ResourceSet resourceSet)


public Iterator<? extends EObject> getCoveredEObjects(Resource resource)


public final boolean isResolveProxies()


public final void setResolveProxies(boolean resolveProxies)

Copyright (c) 2011, 2012 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.