Interface CDOConflictResolver2

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AbstractObjectConflictResolver, AbstractObjectConflictResolver.MergeLocalChangesPerFeature, AbstractObjectConflictResolver.TakeRemoteChangesThenApplyLocalChanges, AbstractObjectConflictResolver.ThreeWayMerge

public interface CDOConflictResolver2
extends CDOConflictResolver

A strategy used to customize the default conflict resolution behaviour of transactions.


Method Summary
 void resolveConflicts(Map<CDOObject,Pair<CDORevision,CDORevisionDelta>> conflicts, List<CDORevisionDelta> allRemoteDeltas)
          Resolves conflicts after remote invalidations arrived for objects that are locally dirty or detached.
Methods inherited from interface org.eclipse.emf.cdo.transaction.CDOConflictResolver
getTransaction, resolveConflicts, setTransaction

Method Detail


void resolveConflicts(Map<CDOObject,Pair<CDORevision,CDORevisionDelta>> conflicts,
                      List<CDORevisionDelta> allRemoteDeltas)
Resolves conflicts after remote invalidations arrived for objects that are locally dirty or detached.

Depending on the decisions taken to resolve the conflict, it may be necessary to adjust the notifications that will be sent to the adapters in the current transaction. This can be achieved by adjusting the CDORevisionDelta in deltas.

conflicts - A map that contains the local objects with conflicts as the keys. Each value in this map is a pair that optionally contains the old local revision (ancestor) as element1 and the remote delta as element2. Any of the pair elements can be null if it is not possible to determine it locally (depends on local revision caching and server behaviour regarding transmission of deltas instead of invalidations).

Copyright (c) 2011, 2012 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.