Package org.eclipse.ocl.lpg

Interface Summary
BasicEnvironment A BasicEnvironment provides input token and output problem support for a text analysis comprising an AbstractAnalyzer for semantic analysis, AbstractParser for syntactic analysis (parsing), and an AbstractLexer for lexical analysis.
FormattingHelper A FormattingHelper provides string contributions to problem messages endeavouring to be as helpful as possible even when faced with malformed or null objects.
ProblemHandler A ProblemHandler handles problems detected during the various lexical syntactic, semantic analysis and validation phases of source text processing.

Class Summary
AbstractAnalyzer The AbstractAnalyzer supports semantic analysis of a CST produced by an AbstractParser to create a corresponding AST.
AbstractBasicEnvironment Partial implementation of the BasicEnvironment interface, providing default behaviours for most features.
AbstractFormattingHelper Some default formatting algorithms with support for some basic OCL and Ecore constructs.
AbstractLexer The AbstractLexer supports lexical analysis of keyword tokens produced by a keyword lexer to create syntactic tokens for an AbstractLexer that creates a corresponding CST, that may in turn be exploited by an AbstractAnalyzer to create an AST.
AbstractParser The AbstractParser supports syntactic analysis of a tokens produced by an AbstractLexer to create a corresponding CST, that may in turn be exploited by an AbstractAnalyzer to create an AST.
AbstractProblemHandler Partial implementation of the ProblemHandler API, useful for subclasses to selectively override behaviour.
ProblemHandler.Phase Standard processing phases for problem messages.
StringProblemHandler A StringProblemHandler counts and accumulates all problem reports, so that all problems may be processed on completion of semantic/syntactic/lexical analysis.

Enum Summary
ProblemHandler.Severity Standard problem severities.

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