Release Build: R200406281334
June 28, 2004

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UML2 requires Eclipse and EMF to run. The Eclipse driver used in this build was - for details on this driver or to download it for your platform, check out its build page. The EMF build was from this build page.
This download is the developer's SDK. It contains the runtime plug-ins, source, and documentation for developers that want to extend and use UML2.
Platform Download (size:9.4M - checksum:md5)
This download is the runtime UML2 installation. It contains the binary feature and plug-ins. There is no source nor developer files. It is to be used for the typical customer installation.
Platform Download (size:2.4M - checksum:md5)
Automated Tests
This download contains the JUnit tests for the UML2 plug-ins.
Platform Download (size:1.4M - checksum:md5)
This download contains the examples for UML2. It includes source.
Platform Download (size:168k - checksum:md5)