Class WorkflowPropertyTester

  extended by org.eclipse.core.expressions.PropertyTester
      extended by org.eclipse.xtext.xtext.launcher.WorkflowPropertyTester
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class WorkflowPropertyTester
extends org.eclipse.core.expressions.PropertyTester

This property tester checks if there is a workflow file associated with the currently selected Xtext grammar file. A workflow is considered being associated with a grammar file if:

Peter Friese - Initial contribution and API

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean test(java.lang.Object receiver, java.lang.String property, java.lang.Object[] args, java.lang.Object expectedValue)
          Executes the property test determined by the parameter property.
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Constructor Detail


public WorkflowPropertyTester()
Method Detail


public boolean test(java.lang.Object receiver,
                    java.lang.String property,
                    java.lang.Object[] args,
                    java.lang.Object expectedValue)
Description copied from interface: org.eclipse.core.expressions.IPropertyTester
Executes the property test determined by the parameter property.

receiver - the receiver of the property test
property - the property to test
args - additional arguments to evaluate the property. If no arguments are specified in the test expression an array of length 0 is passed
expectedValue - the expected value of the property. The value is either of type java.lang.String or a boxed base type. If no value was specified in the test expressions then null is passed
returns true if the property is equal to the expected value; otherwise false is returned