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Range analysisMain Branch (HEAD) - Since R3_2 (excluded)
Date analysis2011-05-02 21:21 (Built in 285s)
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Files currently in repository 108 
Lines of code currently in repository (on non binary files only) 47608 
Activity indicatorsFrom startThis monthToday
Number of developers 1011
Number of commits288801515
Number of commits by status 1999 to add new file
24990 to change existing file
1891 to remove file 
15 to change existing file
15 to change existing file
Different files commited 529088
Lines added / modified / removed (on non binary files only) +247864 / 168793 / -200256+8 / 56 / -9+8 / 56 / -9
Last commit 2011-05-022011-05-022011-05-02

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This chart represents the balance between number of lines added and removed in non binary files (source files).