Build Notes for TM 2.0.1
Sep 27, 2007

New and Noteworthy
  • TM 2.0.1 requires Eclipse 3.3 later for the SSH component. Other components may work with earlier Eclipse versions, but these have not been tested. Platform Runtime is the minimum requirement for core RSE and Terminal. Discovery needs EMF, and the RemoteCDT integration needs CDT.
  • Highlights of bug fixes:
    • Several EFS related bugs have been fixed, particularly for FTP, and the EFS provider works reliably now [192610 and others].
    • Terminal performance has been radically improved [165216]
    • Some deadlocks have been discovered and fixed [199552 and others].
    • Initial startup and initialization, as well as reading saved profiles, have been made more reliable [202416].
    • FTP passive mode has been fixed [196632].
    • Several encoding issues have been fixed [203500 and others].
    • Several archive handler related issues have been fixed for dstore [198114 and others].
  • Use this query to show the list of bugs fixed since the last milestone, TM [build notes].
  • For details on checkins, see the RSE CVS changelog, and the TM Core CVS changelog.
  • For other questions, please check the TM and RSE FAQ as well as the TM 2.0 Known Issues and Workarounds.
Getting Started

The RSE User Documentation now has a Tutorial that guides you through installation, first steps, connection setup and important tasks.

If you want to know more about future directions of the Target Management Project, developer documents, architecture or how to get involved,
the online Getting Started page as well as the TM and RSE FAQ are the best places for you to get started.

API Status

No API changes are allowed in the TM 2.0.1 stream. Therefore, TM 2.0.1 will be fully upward and backward compatible with TM 2.0, and can be fully exchanged for TM 2.0 in any product based on it.

For the upcoming TM 3.0 release, some API changes will be inevitable. Although we completed a great deal of API cleanup for TM 2.0, we decided to still mark all API as provisional since we expect more work to do. If anyhow possible, we will avoid breaking API changes after TM 2.0, but please be prepared for future changes, and especially take care of API marked as @deprecated in the Javadoc. Such API is prime candidate to be removed in the future. All API changes will be voted by committers on the dsdp-tm-dev developer mailing list, and documented in a migration guide for future releases. Early migration information can also be found right in the bug reports. Look for those that are tagged [api][breaking].

Use this query to show the full list of API changes proposed for TM 3.0.
Known Problems and Workarounds
The following critical or major bugs are currently known. We'll strive to fix these as soon as possible.
  • bug 198143 - maj - [dstore][performance] Refresh a big directory takes very long time, and freezes workbench
  • bug 198395 - maj - [dstore] Can connect to DStore with expired password
  • bug 203501 - maj - NPE in PFMetadataLocation when saving RSEDOM
Use this query for an up-to-date list of major or critical bugs.

The TM 2.0 Known Issues and Workarounds Wiki page gives an up-to-date list of the most frequent and obvious problems, and describes workarounds for them.
If you have other questions regarding TM or RSE, please check the TM and RSE FAQ

Click here for a complete up-to-date bugzilla status report, or here for a report on bugs fixed so far.