Eclipse Platform


Provides core support for the Eclipse platform online help system.


Interface Summary
IAppServer Interface to be implemented by an application server to be used by the help plugin.
IContext A context registered for context-sensitive help.
IHelp Interface to the help system UI.
IHelpResource A help resource, usually a help topic.
ILiveHelpAction Live Help Extension.
IToc IToc is the table of contents.
ITopic ITopic is one topic in a hierarchy of topics.

Class Summary
AppServer Singleton class for obtaining the platform app server.

Package Description

Provides core support for the Eclipse platform online help system.

Package Specification

There is a general mechanism (defined at the plug-in level) by which individual plug-ins contribute online help and context-sensitive help for their component. The help system UI is responsible for accessing this information and displaying it to the user.

The actual help system UI implementation is an optional piece that plugs in to the platform's standard extension point. At most one such help system UI should be contributed in any given configuration of the platform. In general terms, implementing a help system UI involves:

Note that the platform declares a plug-in ( which implements the help system UI. This plug-in would need to be omitted from the platform configuration when using a replacement.

Eclipse Platform

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