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Package org.eclipse.jface.dialogs

Provides support for dialogs.


Interface Summary
IDialogPage Interface for a page in a multi-page dialog.
IDialogSettings An interface to a storage mechanism for making dialog settings persistent.
IMessageProvider Minimal interface to a message provider.

Class Summary
ControlEnableState Helper class to save the enable/disable state of a control including all its descendent controls.
Dialog A dialog is a specialized window used for narrow-focused communication with the user.
DialogPage Abstract base implementation of a dialog page.
DialogSettings Concrete implementation of a dialog settings (IDialogSettings) using a hash table and XML.
ErrorDialog A dialog to display one or more errors to the user, as contained in an IStatus object.
InputDialog A simple input dialog for soliciting an input string from the user.
MessageDialog A dialog for showing messages to the user.
ProgressIndicator A control for showing progress feedback for a long running operation.
ProgressMonitorDialog A modal dialog that displays progress during a long running operation.
TitleAreaDialog A dialog that has a title area for displaying a title and an image as well as a common area for displaying a description, a message, or an error message.

Package org.eclipse.jface.dialogs Description

Provides support for dialogs.

Package Specification

A dialog is a specialized window, typically consisting of a dialog area and a button bar, designed for narrow-focussed communication with the user.

The dialog framework consists of an abstract base class (Dialog), along with more concrete dialog subclasses for displaying messages (MessageDialog), soliciting text input (InputDialog), and displaying progress during a long-running operation (ProgressMonitorDialog).

Dialog stores (IDialogStore, DialogStore) provide a general framework for organizing a dialog's settings into key/value pairs. Multi-page dialogs are made easier through the use of dialog pages (IDialogPage, DialogPage).

Note: None of the classes in this package maintain global state.

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