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Package org.eclipse.jface.text.information

Provides an information provider add-on for an ITextViewer.


Interface Summary
IInformationPresenter An information presenter shows information available at the text viewer's current document position.
IInformationProvider Provides information related to the content of a text viewer.

Class Summary
InformationPresenter Standard implementation of IInformationPresenter.

Package org.eclipse.jface.text.information Description

Provides an information provider add-on for an ITextViewer. An information provider presents information for a certain subject in a specific information control. An information control usually is a floating window.

Package Specification

IInformationPresenter defines the concept of an information provider. It collaborates with content type specific information providers (IInformationProvider) which determine for a certain offset in a text viewer an information subject and the information available about this subject.. The package contains a default implementation of IInformationPresenter (InformationPresenter).

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