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Provides classes and interfaces for search pages.


Interface Summary
IActionGroupFactory Allows to specify an ActionGroup factory which will be used by the Search view to create an ActionGroup which is used to build the actions bars and the context menu.
IContextMenuConstants Constants for menu groups used in context menus for Search views and editors.
IContextMenuContributor Specify how clients can add menu items to the context menu of the search result view.
IGroupByKeyComputer Computes the key by which the markers in the search result view are grouped.
ISearchPage Defines a page inside the search dialog.
ISearchPageContainer Offers client access to the search dialog.
ISearchPageScoreComputer Computes a score that is used by the search dialog to find the best fitting page for a selection when opened.
ISearchResultView Provides client access to the search result view.
ISearchResultViewEntry Specifies a search result view entry.

Class Summary
SearchUI The central class for access to the Search Plug-in's User Interface.

Package Description

Provides classes and interfaces for search pages. New search dialog pages can be contributed via a plug-in extension point. This package provides the interfaces and classes to implement these dialog pages and offers hooks to populate the search result view.

Package Specification

Each search dialog page must implement ISearchPage. A search page has access to its container (ISearchPageContainer) to modify search dialog properties. The class SearchUI can activate the search results view and provide access to the active search results view (ISearchResultView).

It is the clients responsibility to create a marker for each match and then report the match to the search result view together with a key (groupByKey). Each key corresponds to a search result view entry (ISearchResultViewEntry) which allows to step through the markers grouped by the key.

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