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Interface IWorkbenchWindowPulldownDelegate

All Superinterfaces:
IActionDelegate, IWorkbenchWindowActionDelegate
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public interface IWorkbenchWindowPulldownDelegate
extends IWorkbenchWindowActionDelegate

Interface for a pulldown action that is contributed into the workbench window tool bar. It extends IWorkbenchWindowActionDelegate and adds an initialization method to define the menu creator for the action.

Method Summary
 Menu getMenu(Control parent)
          Returns the menu for this pull down action.
Methods inherited from interface org.eclipse.ui.IWorkbenchWindowActionDelegate
dispose, init
Methods inherited from interface org.eclipse.ui.IActionDelegate
run, selectionChanged

Method Detail


public Menu getMenu(Control parent)
Returns the menu for this pull down action. This method will only be called if the user opens the pull down menu for the action. The menu is disposed after use.

the menu

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