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Methods in that return Realm
 Realm HashRealmResolver.getRealm(String realmName, HttpDestination destination, String path)
 Realm SimpleRealmResolver.getRealm(String realmName, HttpDestination destination, String path)
 Realm RealmResolver.getRealm(String realmName, HttpDestination destination, String path)

Methods in with parameters of type Realm
 void HashRealmResolver.addSecurityRealm(Realm realm)
protected  String DigestAuthentication.newCnonce(HttpExchange exchange, Realm securityRealm, Map details)
protected  String DigestAuthentication.newResponse(String cnonce, HttpExchange exchange, Realm securityRealm, Map details)

Constructors in with parameters of type Realm
BasicAuthentication(Realm realm)
DigestAuthentication(Realm realm, Map details)
SimpleRealmResolver(Realm realm)

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