Package org.eclipse.jgit.patch

Class Summary
BinaryHunk Part of a "GIT binary patch" to describe the pre-image or post-image
CombinedFileHeader A file in the Git "diff --cc" or "diff --combined" format.
CombinedHunkHeader Hunk header for a hunk appearing in a "diff --cc" style patch.
FileHeader Patch header describing an action for a single file path.
FormatError An error in a patch script
HunkHeader Hunk header describing the layout of a single block of lines
HunkHeader.OldImage Details about an old image of the file.
Patch A parsed collection of FileHeaders from a unified diff patch file

Enum Summary
BinaryHunk.Type Type of information stored in a binary hunk.
FileHeader.PatchType Type of patch used by this file.
FormatError.Severity Classification of an error.

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