Package org.eclipse.jgit.revwalk

Interface Summary
AsyncRevObjectQueue Queue to lookup and parse objects asynchronously.
DepthWalk Interface for revision walkers that perform depth filtering.

Class Summary
DateRevQueue A queue of commits sorted by commit time order.
DepthWalk.Commit RevCommit with a depth (in commits) from a root.
DepthWalk.ObjectWalk Subclass of ObjectWalk that performs depth filtering.
DepthWalk.RevWalk Subclass of RevWalk that performs depth filtering.
FIFORevQueue A queue of commits in FIFO order.
FollowFilter Updates the internal path filter to follow copy/renames.
FooterKey Case insensitive key for a FooterLine.
FooterLine Single line at the end of a message, such as a "Signed-off-by: someone".
LIFORevQueue A queue of commits in LIFO order.
ObjectWalk Specialized subclass of RevWalk to include trees, blobs and tags.
RenameCallback An instance of this class can be used in conjunction with a FollowFilter.
RevBlob A binary file, or a symbolic link.
RevCommit A commit reference to a commit in the DAG.
RevCommitList<E extends RevCommit> An ordered list of RevCommit subclasses.
RevFlag Application level mark bit for RevObjects.
RevFlagSet Multiple application level mark bits for RevObjects.
RevObject Base object type accessed during revision walking.
RevObjectList<E extends RevObject> An ordered list of RevObject subclasses.
RevObjectList.Block One level of contents, either an intermediate level or a leaf level.
RevTag An annotated tag.
RevTree A reference to a tree of subtrees/files.
RevWalk Walks a commit graph and produces the matching commits in order.
RevWalkUtils Utility methods for RevWalk.

Enum Summary
RevSort Sorting strategies supported by RevWalk and ObjectWalk.

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