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Uses of CredentialItem in org.eclipse.jgit.transport

Subclasses of CredentialItem in org.eclipse.jgit.transport
static class CredentialItem.CharArrayType
          An item whose value is stored as a char[] and is therefore clearable.
static class CredentialItem.InformationalMessage
          An advice message presented to the user, with no response required.
static class CredentialItem.Password
          Prompt for a password, which is masked on input.
static class CredentialItem.StringType
          An item whose value is stored as a string.
static class CredentialItem.Username
          Prompt for a username, which is not masked on input.
static class CredentialItem.YesNoType
          An item whose value is a boolean choice, presented as Yes/No.

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.transport with parameters of type CredentialItem
 boolean UsernamePasswordCredentialsProvider.get(URIish uri, CredentialItem... items)
abstract  boolean CredentialsProvider.get(URIish uri, CredentialItem... items)
          Ask for the credential items to be populated.
 boolean UsernamePasswordCredentialsProvider.supports(CredentialItem... items)
abstract  boolean CredentialsProvider.supports(CredentialItem... items)
          Check if the provider can supply the necessary CredentialItems.

Method parameters in org.eclipse.jgit.transport with type arguments of type CredentialItem
 boolean CredentialsProvider.get(URIish uri, List<CredentialItem> items)
          Ask for the credential items to be populated.

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