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org.eclipse.jgit.api High-level API commands (the porcelain of JGit). 

Uses of CheckoutCommand in org.eclipse.jgit.api

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.api that return CheckoutCommand
 CheckoutCommand CheckoutCommand.addPath(String path)
          Add a single path to the list of paths to check out.
 CheckoutCommand Git.checkout()
          Returns a command object to execute a checkout command
protected  CheckoutCommand CheckoutCommand.checkoutPaths()
          Checkout paths into index and working directory
 CheckoutCommand CheckoutCommand.setAllPaths(boolean all)
          Set whether to checkout all paths.
 CheckoutCommand CheckoutCommand.setCreateBranch(boolean createBranch)
          Specify whether to create a new branch.
 CheckoutCommand CheckoutCommand.setForce(boolean force)
          Specify to force the ref update in case of a branch switch.
 CheckoutCommand CheckoutCommand.setName(String name)
          Specify the name of the branch or commit to check out, or the new branch name.
 CheckoutCommand CheckoutCommand.setStage(CheckoutCommand.Stage stage)
          When checking out the index, check out the specified stage (ours or theirs) for unmerged paths.
 CheckoutCommand CheckoutCommand.setStartPoint(RevCommit startCommit)
          Set the commit that should be checked out.
 CheckoutCommand CheckoutCommand.setStartPoint(String startPoint)
          Set the name of the commit that should be checked out.
 CheckoutCommand CheckoutCommand.setUpstreamMode(CreateBranchCommand.SetupUpstreamMode mode)
          When creating a branch with setCreateBranch(boolean), this can be used to configure branch tracking.

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