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org.eclipse.jgit.api High-level API commands (the porcelain of JGit). 

Uses of FetchCommand in org.eclipse.jgit.api

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.api that return FetchCommand
 FetchCommand Git.fetch()
          Returns a command object to execute a Fetch command
 FetchCommand FetchCommand.setCheckFetchedObjects(boolean checkFetchedObjects)
          If set to true, objects received will be checked for validity
 FetchCommand FetchCommand.setDryRun(boolean dryRun)
          Sets whether the fetch operation should be a dry run
 FetchCommand FetchCommand.setProgressMonitor(ProgressMonitor monitor)
          The progress monitor associated with the fetch operation.
 FetchCommand FetchCommand.setRefSpecs(List<RefSpec> specs)
          The ref specs to be used in the fetch operation
 FetchCommand FetchCommand.setRefSpecs(RefSpec... specs)
          The ref specs to be used in the fetch operation
 FetchCommand FetchCommand.setRemote(String remote)
          The remote (uri or name) used for the fetch operation.
 FetchCommand FetchCommand.setRemoveDeletedRefs(boolean removeDeletedRefs)
          If set to true, refs are removed which no longer exist in the source
 FetchCommand FetchCommand.setTagOpt(TagOpt tagOpt)
          Sets the specification of annotated tag behavior during fetch
 FetchCommand FetchCommand.setThin(boolean thin)
          Sets the thin-pack preference for fetch operation.

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