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org.eclipse.jgit.merge Content and commit history merge algorithms. 

Uses of ThreeWayMergeStrategy in org.eclipse.jgit.merge

Subclasses of ThreeWayMergeStrategy in org.eclipse.jgit.merge
 class StrategyResolve
          A three-way merge strategy performing a content-merge if necessary
 class StrategySimpleTwoWayInCore
          Merges two commits together in-memory, ignoring any working directory.

Fields in org.eclipse.jgit.merge declared as ThreeWayMergeStrategy
static ThreeWayMergeStrategy MergeStrategy.RESOLVE
          Simple strategy to merge paths.
static ThreeWayMergeStrategy MergeStrategy.SIMPLE_TWO_WAY_IN_CORE
          Simple strategy to merge paths, without simultaneous edits.

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