Class TranslationBundle

  extended by org.eclipse.jgit.nls.TranslationBundle
Direct Known Subclasses:
DfsText, JGitText

public abstract class TranslationBundle
extends Object

Base class for all translation bundles that provides injection of translated texts into public String fields.

The usage pattern is shown with the following example. First define a new translation bundle:

 public class TransportText extends TranslationBundle {
        public static TransportText get() {
                return NLS.getBundleFor(TransportText.class);

        public String repositoryNotFound;

        public String transportError;
Second, define one or more resource bundle property files.
                repositoryNotFound=repository {0} not found
                transportError=unknown error talking to {0}
                repositoryNotFound=repository {0} nicht gefunden
                transportError=unbekannter Fehler während der Kommunikation mit {0}
Then make use of it:
 NLS.setLocale(Locale.GERMAN); // or skip this call to stick to the JVM default locale
 throw new TransportException(uri, TransportText.get().transportError);
The translated text is automatically injected into the public String fields according to the locale set with NLS.setLocale(Locale). However, the NLS.setLocale(Locale) method defines only prefered locale which will be honored only if it is supported by the provided resource bundle property files. Basically, this class will use ResourceBundle.getBundle(String, Locale) method to load a resource bundle. See the documentation of this method for a detailed explanation of resource bundle loading strategy. After a bundle is created the effectiveLocale() method can be used to determine whether the bundle really corresponds to the requested locale or is a fallback.

To load a String from a resource bundle property file this class uses the ResourceBundle.getString(String). This method can throw the MissingResourceException and this class is not making any effort to catch and/or translate this exception.

To define a concrete translation bundle one has to:

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Locale effectiveLocale()
 ResourceBundle resourceBundle()
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Constructor Detail


public TranslationBundle()
Method Detail


public Locale effectiveLocale()
the locale locale used for loading the resource bundle from which the field values were taken


public ResourceBundle resourceBundle()
the resource bundle on which this translation bundle is based

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