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Packages that use PlotCommit
org.eclipse.jgit.revplot Building/rendering revision graphs. 

Uses of PlotCommit in org.eclipse.jgit.revplot

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.revplot that return PlotCommit
 PlotCommit PlotCommit.getChild(int nth)
          Get the nth child from this commit's child list.

Methods in org.eclipse.jgit.revplot with parameters of type PlotCommit
protected  void PlotCommitList.enter(int index, PlotCommit<L> currCommit)
 void PlotCommitList.findPassingThrough(PlotCommit<L> currCommit, Collection<L> result)
          Find the set of lanes passing through a commit's row.
 boolean PlotCommit.isChild(PlotCommit c)
          Determine if the given commit is a child (descendant) of this commit.
protected  void AbstractPlotRenderer.paintCommit(PlotCommit<TLane> commit, int h)
          Paint one commit using the underlying graphics library.

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