Package org.eclipse.net4j.util.lifecycle

A framework for components with a simple lifecycle. Interfaces that describe the behaviour of objects with respect to their lifecycle. A utility class to interact with such objects and an abstract class that can be used to implement such objects are provided as well.

Interface Summary
ILifecycle An entity that has a well-defined lifecycle and can be activated or deactivated.
ILifecycle.DeferrableActivation A mix-in interface for lifecycles with deferrable activation.
ILifecycleEvent An event fired from an entity with a lifecycle when its lifecycle state has changed.

Class Summary
Lifecycle A default implementation of an entity with a lifecycle.
LifecycleEvent A default implementation of a lifecycle event.
LifecycleEventAdapter A listener that dispatches lifecycle events to methods that can be overridden by extenders.
LifecycleUtil Various static helper methods for dealing with lifecycles.
LifecycleUtil.Delegator<T> The invocation handler of the dynamic proxy created in LifecycleUtil.delegateLifecycle().

Enum Summary
ILifecycleEvent.Kind Enumerates the possible lifecycle state changes of an entity.
LifecycleState Enumerates the possible lifecycle states of an entity with a lifecycle.

Exception Summary
LifecycleException An unchecked wrapper exception for checked exceptions being thrown from Lifecycle.doActivate().

Annotation Types Summary
LifecycleUtil.Activator Annotates a method of a POJO class that's supposed to be called to activate a POJO object during LifecycleUtil.activate(Object).
LifecycleUtil.Deactivator Annotates a method of a POJO class that's supposed to be called to deactivate a POJO object during LifecycleUtil.deactivate(Object).

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2012 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.