Package org.eclipse.net4j.util

Utility classes.

Interface Summary
IErrorHandler A callback interface with a handleError() method.

Class Summary
AdapterUtil Provides a single static adapt() method that conveniently and safely wraps the Platform's adaptation framework.
CheckUtil Provides static methods that check object states and invocation arguments.
HexUtil Provides static methods that convert to and from hexadecimal string formats.
ObjectUtil Various static helper methods.
ReflectUtil Various static helper methods for dealing with Java reflection.
StringUtil Various static helper methods for dealing with strings.
UUIDGenerator Generates 16 byte UUID values and can encode them to Strings, decode from Strings respectively.

Exception Summary
WrappedException An unchecked exception that wraps a checked exception.

Error Summary
ImplementationError Should not be used anymore in favour of AssertionError.

Annotation Types Summary
ReflectUtil.ExcludeFromDump Annotates fields that are to be skipped in ReflectUtil.collectFields() and ReflectUtil.toString().

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2012 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.