Interface CDOReferenceAdjuster

All Known Implementing Classes:
CDOIDMapper, CDOSessionProtocol.CommitTransactionResult.PostCommitReferenceAdjuster

public interface CDOReferenceAdjuster

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Method Summary
 Object adjustReference(Object id, EStructuralFeature feature, int index)
          Adjusts the internal structure of an object (e.g: CDORevision).

Method Detail


Object adjustReference(Object id,
                       EStructuralFeature feature,
                       int index)
Adjusts the internal structure of an object (e.g: CDORevision). This is mainly used after committing a transaction. CDORevision must replace CDOIDTemp for non-temporary CDOID with a mapped ID. Only the internal structure knows how to do these modifications. This is important to consider using different implementation of CDOList.

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