Package org.eclipse.emf.cdo.transfer

Client concepts for dealing with transfers of resources between systems.

Interface Summary
CDOTransfer.ModelTransferResolution Reserved for future use.
CDOTransferMapping The mapping of a source element to a target element in the context of a specific transfer.
CDOTransferMapping.Visitor A call-back that is called for a mapping and all its children when passed into its accept() method.

Class Summary
CDOTransfer Abstracts the transfer of a tree of elements for a source to a target system.
CDOTransfer.ChildrenChangedEvent A mapping event fired from a transfer when the children of a mapping have changed.
CDOTransfer.MappingEvent An abstract base implementation of a mapping event.
CDOTransfer.ModelTransferContext Encapsulates the model-specific aspects of a transfer.
CDOTransfer.ModelTransferContext.ResolveProxyAdapter An adapter for a resource set that resolves all proxies in all resources when they are loaded.
CDOTransfer.ModelTransferContext.ResolveProxyAdapter.LoadResourceAdapter An adapter for a resource that resolves all proxies in that resource when it's demand loaded.
CDOTransfer.RelativePathChangedEvent A mapping event fired from a transfer when the relative path of a mapping has changed.
CDOTransfer.TransferTypeChangedEvent A mapping event fired from a transfer when the transfer type of a mapping has changed.
CDOTransfer.UnmappedModelsEvent An event fired from a transfer when the set of unmapped models has changed.
CDOTransferElement An abstraction of the elements (such as files or folders) of a transfer system.
CDOTransferSystem An abstraction of an end point system of a transfer.
CDOTransferType Specifies how to treat a source element when it is mapped to a target element by a transfer mapping.
CDOTransferType.Text A transfer type for text elements that have a special encoding.

Enum Summary
CDOTransfer.ChildrenChangedEvent.Kind Enumerates the possible values of CDOTransfer.ChildrenChangedEvent.getKind().
CDOTransferMapping.Status Enumerates the possibles values of CDOTransferMapping.getStatus().

Copyright (c) 2011, 2012 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.