Package org.eclipse.net4j.db

The Net4j DB framework.

Interface Summary
DBUtil.DeserializeRowHandler A row handler with a method that is called once per row deserialized within DBUtil.deserializeTable().
DBUtil.RowHandler Call-back interface with a method that is called after a number of table rows have been handled by one of the subtypes of this interface.
DBUtil.SerializeRowHandler A row handler with a method that is called once per row serialized within DBUtil.serializeTable().
IDBAdapter Abstracts all aspects of a database that are vendor-specific.
IDBConnectionProvider Provides a database connection, roughly comparable with a data source.
IDBRowHandler Call-back that handles the values of, for example, a row in a database table.

Class Summary
DBUtil A utility class with various static factory and convenience methods.

Enum Summary
DBType Enumerates the SQL data types that are compatible with the DB framework.
IDBPreparedStatement.ReuseProbability An enum for the degree of probability to which a prepared statement is reused later on.

Exception Summary
DBException A runtime exception thrown to indicate problems with a database, frequently used to wrap checked SQL exceptions.

Copyright (c) 2011, 2012 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.