Package org.eclipse.net4j.util.lifecycle

A framework for components with a simple lifecycle. Interfaces that describe the behaviour of objects with respect to their lifecycle. A utility class to interact with such objects and an abstract class that can be used to implement such objects are provided as well.

Interface Summary
ILifecycle An entity that has a well-defined lifecycle and can be activated or deactivated.
ILifecycle.DeferrableActivation A mix-in interface for lifecycles with deferrable activation.
ILifecycleEvent An event fired from an entity with a lifecycle when its lifecycle state has changed.

Class Summary
Lifecycle A default implementation of an entity with a lifecycle.
LifecycleEvent A default implementation of a lifecycle event.
LifecycleEventAdapter A listener that dispatches lifecycle events to methods that can be overridden by extenders.
LifecycleUtil Various static helper methods for dealing with lifecycles.
LifecycleUtil.Delegator<T> The invocation handler of the dynamic proxy created in LifecycleUtil.delegateLifecycle().
ShareableLifecycle A lifecycle entity with a reference count that can be activated multiple times.

Enum Summary
ILifecycleEvent.Kind Enumerates the possible lifecycle state changes of an entity.
LifecycleState Enumerates the possible lifecycle states of an entity with a lifecycle.

Exception Summary
LifecycleException An unchecked wrapper exception for checked exceptions being thrown from Lifecycle.doActivate().

Annotation Types Summary
LifecycleUtil.Activator Annotates a method of a POJO class that's supposed to be called to activate a POJO object during LifecycleUtil.activate(Object).
LifecycleUtil.Deactivator Annotates a method of a POJO class that's supposed to be called to deactivate a POJO object during LifecycleUtil.deactivate(Object).

Copyright (c) 2011, 2012 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.