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Packages that use AbstractVisitor
org.eclipse.ocl Definition of the extensible environment API for OCL parsing and evaluation. 
org.eclipse.ocl.util Miscellaneous utilities in support of the OCL parser and environment implementations. 

Uses of AbstractVisitor in org.eclipse.ocl

Subclasses of AbstractVisitor in org.eclipse.ocl
 class AbstractEvaluationVisitor<PK,C,O,P,EL,PM,S,COA,SSA,CT,CLS,E>
          An evaluation visitor implementation for OCL expressions.
 class EvaluationVisitorImpl<PK,C,O,P,EL,PM,S,COA,SSA,CT,CLS,E>
          An evaluation visitor implementation for OCL expressions.

Uses of AbstractVisitor in org.eclipse.ocl.util

Subclasses of AbstractVisitor in org.eclipse.ocl.util
 class ToStringVisitor<C,O,P,EL,PM,S,COA,SSA,CT>
          Converts an OCL expression to a string for debugging.

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