Class DelegatingEventSource

  extended by org.eclipse.xtext.resource.impl.AbstractResourceDescriptionChangeEventSource
      extended by org.eclipse.xtext.scoping.impl.DelegatingEventSource
All Implemented Interfaces:
IResourceDescription.Event.Listener, IResourceDescription.Event.Source, OnChangeEvictingCache.Listener

public class DelegatingEventSource
extends AbstractResourceDescriptionChangeEventSource
implements IResourceDescription.Event.Listener, OnChangeEvictingCache.Listener

Sebastian Zarnekow - Initial contribution and API

Constructor Summary
DelegatingEventSource(IResourceDescription.Event.Source source)
Method Summary
 void descriptionsChanged(IResourceDescription.Event event)
           The source will invoce this method to announce changed resource.
 void initialize()
 void onEvict(OnChangeEvictingCache.CacheAdapter cache)
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Constructor Detail


public DelegatingEventSource(IResourceDescription.Event.Source source)
Method Detail


public void initialize()


public void descriptionsChanged(IResourceDescription.Event event)
Description copied from interface: IResourceDescription.Event.Listener

The source will invoce this method to announce changed resource. The event will never be null. However, it may contain an empty list of deltas.

Listeners are free to remove themselves from the sender of the event or add other listeners. However added listeners will not be informed about the current change.

This event may be fired asynchronously. It is ensured that the changed resources will provide the content as it was when the change has been announced to the sender of the event.

Specified by:
descriptionsChanged in interface IResourceDescription.Event.Listener
event - the fired event. Will never be null.


public void onEvict(OnChangeEvictingCache.CacheAdapter cache)
Specified by:
onEvict in interface OnChangeEvictingCache.Listener