Interface IProposalConflictHelper

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractTemplateProposalConflictHelper, AntlrProposalConflictHelper, CodetemplatesProposalConflictHelper, IProposalConflictHelper.NullHelper, ProposalConflictHelper, SingleTemplateProposalConflictHelper

public interface IProposalConflictHelper

The IProposalConflictHelper is used to determine whether a possible content proposal is in conflict with the previous input.

Implementors should consider to extend the AntlrProposalConflictHelper.

Sebastian Zarnekow - Initial contribution and API

Nested Class Summary
static class IProposalConflictHelper.NullHelper
Method Summary
 boolean existsConflict(java.lang.String proposal, ContentAssistContext context)
          Returns false if the proposal would corrupt the previous input.

Method Detail


boolean existsConflict(java.lang.String proposal,
                       ContentAssistContext context)
Returns false if the proposal would corrupt the previous input.

proposal - a possible proposal string. Is never null.
context - the current content assist context. Is never null.
false if the proposal would corrupt the current input.