Package org.eclipse.xtext.ui.refactoring

Interface Summary
IDependentElementsCalculator Calculates elements whose name changes with the rename of a baseElement.
IRefactoringUpdateAcceptor Aggregates document updates as Changes or TextEdits.
IReferenceUpdater A component to update references to elements renamed in a refactoring.
IRenamedElementTracker Tracks the URIs of the elements whose names change in a refactoring.
IRenameProcessorAdapter A common interface for JDT's INameUpdating and Xtext's AbstractRenameProcessor.
IRenameRefactoringProvider Provides the rename refactoring for a given element.
IRenameStrategy Customizable strategy for the text based rename refactoring of a given EObject.

Class Summary
ElementRenameArguments Stores information on an element to be renamed and elements whose names change as a consequence.