Package org.eclipse.xtext.xtext.ui.graph.figures

Interface Summary
IEObjectReferer Something that refers to an EObject, e.g. an Xtext grammar element.
ILayoutConstants All constants used for layouting and rendering.
ISegmentFigure Interface for all building blocks of a railroad diagram.

Class Summary
AbstractSegmentFigure Base class of all ISegmentFigures.
BypassSegment A segment with an additional connection bypassing the child segment.
CompartmentSegment A track segment in a compartment.
CrossPointSegment A segment containing a single CrossPoint.
LoopSegment A segment with an additional recursive connection from the exit to the entry of the child segment.
NodeSegment A segment containing a single Node.
ParallelSegment Connects all child segments to a common entry and a common exit CrossPoint.
RailroadDiagram The railroad diagram figure.
RailroadTrack A railroad track with a label and an exit node.
SequenceSegment A sequence of segments.