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Interface IDocumentAdapter

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public interface IDocumentAdapter
extends StyledTextContent

Adapts an IDocument to the StyledTextContent interface. The document adapter is used by TextViewer to translate document changes into styled text content changes and vice versa. Clients may implement this interface and override TextViewer.createDocumentAdapter if they want to intercept the communication between the viewer's text widget and the viewer's document.

See Also:
IDocument, StyledTextContent

Method Summary
 void setDocument(IDocument document)
          Sets the adapters document.
Methods inherited from interface org.eclipse.swt.custom.StyledTextContent
addTextChangeListener, getCharCount, getLine, getLineAtOffset, getLineCount, getLineDelimiter, getOffsetAtLine, getTextRange, removeTextChangeListener, replaceTextRange, setText

Method Detail


public void setDocument(IDocument document)
Sets the adapters document.

document - the document to be adapted

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