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Package org.eclipse.jface.text

Provides a framework for creating, manipulating, displaying and editing text documents.


Interface Summary
AbstractInformationControlManager.IInformationControlCloser Interface of a information control closer.
DefaultInformationControl.IInformationPresenter An information presenter determines the style presentation of information displayed in the default information control.
IAutoIndentStrategy An auto indent strategy can adapt changes that will be applied to a text viewer's document.
IDocument An IDocument represents text providing support for text manipulation positions partitions line information search document change listeners document partition change listeners A document allows to set its content and to manipulate it.
IDocumentAdapter Adapts an IDocument to the StyledTextContent interface.
IDocumentAdapterExtension Extension interface for IDocumentAdapter.
IDocumentExtension Extension interface for IDocument.
IDocumentExtension.IReplace Interface for a post notification replace operation.
IDocumentListener Interface for objects which are interested in getting informed about document changes.
IDocumentPartitioner A document partitioner divides a document into a set of disjoint text partitions.
IDocumentPartitionerExtension Extension interface for IDocumentPartitioner.
IDocumentPartitioningListener Interface of objects which are interested in getting informed about changes of a document's partitioning.
IDocumentPartitioningListenerExtension Extension interface for IDocumentPartitioningListener.
IEventConsumer Implementers can register with an text viewer and receive VerifyEvents before the text viewer they are registered with.
IFindReplaceTarget Defines the interface for finding and replacing strings.
IFindReplaceTargetExtension Extension interface for IFindReplaceTarget.
IInformationControl Interface of a control presenting information.
IInformationControlCreator Interface of a factory of information controls.
IInformationControlExtension Extension interface for IInformationControl.
ILineTracker A line tracker maps character positions to line numbers and vice versa.
IMarkRegionTarget A mark region target to support marked regions as found in emacs.
IMarkSelection A mark selection.
IPositionUpdater A position updater is responsible for adapting document positions.
IRegion A region describes a certain range in an indexed text store.
IRewriteTarget A target publishing the required functions to modify a document that is displayed in the ui, such as in a text viewer.
ITextDoubleClickStrategy A text double click strategy defines the reaction of a text viewer to mouse double click events.
ITextHover Provides a hover popup which appears on top of the text viewer with relevant display information.
ITextInputListener Text input listeners registered with an text viewer are informed if the document serving as the text viewer's model is replaced.
ITextListener Text listeners registered with an text viewer are informed about all text viewer modifications by means of text events.
ITextOperationTarget Defines the target for a text operation.
ITextOperationTargetExtension Extension interface to ITextOperationTarget.
ITextSelection This interface represents a textual selection.
ITextStore Interface for storing and managing text.
ITextViewer A text viewer turns a text widget into a document-based text widget.
ITextViewerExtension Extension interface for ITextViewer.
ITypedRegion Describes a region of an indexed text store such as document or string.
IUndoManager An undo manager is connected to at most one text viewer.
IViewportListener Registered with a text viewer, viewport listeners are informed about changes of a text viewer's viewport.
IWidgetTokenKeeper A widget token keeper may require a widget token from an IWidgetTokenOwner and release the token to the owner after usage.
IWidgetTokenOwner A widget token must be aquired in order to display information in a temporary window.

Class Summary
AbstractDocument Abstract implementation of IDocument.
AbstractHoverInformationControlManager An information control manager that shows information on mouse hover events.
AbstractInformationControlManager Manages the life cycle, visibility, layout, and contents of an IInformationControl.
AbstractInformationControlManager.Anchor Constitues entities to enumerate anchors for the layout of the information control.
AbstractLineTracker Abstract implementation of ILineTracker.
AbstractLineTracker.DelimiterInfo Combines the information of the occurence of a line delimiter.
ChildDocument A child document represent a range of its parent document.
ChildDocumentManager Manages a set of child documents for given parent documents.
ConfigurableLineTracker Standard implementation of a generic ILineTracker.
DefaultAutoIndentStrategy Default implementation of IAutoIndentStrategy.
DefaultInformationControl Text based implementation of IInformationControl.
DefaultLineTracker Standard implementation of ILineTracker.
DefaultPositionUpdater Default implementation of IPositionUpdater.
DefaultTextDoubleClickStrategy Standard implementation of ITextDoubleClickStrategy.
DefaultUndoManager Standard implementation of IUndoManager.
Document Default document implementation.
DocumentCommand Represents a text modification as a document replace command.
DocumentEvent Specification of changes applied to documents.
GapTextStore Implements a gap managing text store.
MarkSelection Default implementation of IMarkSelection.
Position Positions describe text ranges of a document and are adapted to changes applied to that document.
PropagatingFontFieldEditor This font field editor implements chaining between a source preference store and a target preference store.
Region A default implementation of the IRegion interface.
SequentialRewriteTextStore A text store that optimizes a given source text store for sequential rewriting.
TextAttribute Description of textual attributes such as color and style.
TextEvent This event is sent to implementers of ITextListener.
TextPresentation Describes the presentation styles for a section of an indexed text such as a document or string.
TextSelection Standard implementation of ITextSelection.
TextViewer SWT based implementation of ITextViewer.
TypedPosition Convenience class for position like typed regions.
TypedRegion Default implementation of ITypedRegion.

Exception Summary
BadLocationException Indicates the attempt to access a non-existing position.
BadPositionCategoryException Indicates the attempt to access a non-existing position category in a document.

Package org.eclipse.jface.text Description

Provides a framework for creating, manipulating, displaying and editing text documents.

Package Specification

The packages is divided into two parts. The first part defines and implements the notion of text documents, whereas the second part defines and implements a viewer for text documents.

Text Model

IDocument is the major text model abstraction. It provides content management, position management using position categories, document partition management, searching, and change notification.  In order to be notified about document changes, an object must implements IDocumentListener and must be registered with the document. Position updating in responds to a document change is performed by implementers of IDocumentPositionUpdater. Partition updating in responds to a document change is performed by implements of IDocumentPartitioner. In order to be notified about document partition changes, objects must implement IDocumentParititoningListener and must be registered with the document.

The package contains default implementations for document position updaters and for documents. AbstractDocument uses ITextStorage for storing and managing its content and ILineTracker to maintain a line structure of its content. As defaults a gap text implementation of ITextStore is provided, together with a line tracker understanding the three standard line delimiters ("\r", "\n", "\r\n") and a  line tracker which can be freely configured to consider any given set of strings as valid line delimiters.

Text Viewer

ITextViewer defines the concept of a document based, editiable viewer. ITextViewer offers the following functionality: An ITextViewer supports the following plugins The package provides default implementations for all these interfaces.

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