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Interface IPositionUpdater

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public interface IPositionUpdater

A position updater is responsible for adapting document positions. When installed on a document, the position updater updates the document's positions to changes applied to this document. Document updaters can be selective, i.e. they might only update positions of a certain category.

Position updaters are of primary importance for the definition of the semantics of positions.

Clients may implement this interface or use the standard implementation DefaultPositionUpdater.

See Also:
IDocument, Position

Method Summary
 void update(DocumentEvent event)
          Adapts positions to the change specified by the document event.

Method Detail


public void update(DocumentEvent event)
Adapts positions to the change specified by the document event. It is ensured that the document's partitioning has been adapted to this document change and that all the position updaters which have a smaller index in the document's position updater list have been called.

event - the document event describing the document change

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