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Package org.eclipse.jface.text.contentassist

Provides a content assist add-on for an ITextViewer.


Interface Summary
ICompletionProposal The interface of completion proposals generated by content assist processors.
ICompletionProposalExtension Extension interface to ICompletionProposal.
IContentAssistant An IContentAssistant provides support on interactive content completion.
IContentAssistProcessor A content assist processor proposes completions and computes context information for a particular content type.
IContextInformation The inferface of context information presented to the user and generated by content assist processors.
IContextInformationExtension Extension interface for IContextInformation.
IContextInformationPresenter A context information presenter determines the presentation of context information depending on a given document position.
IContextInformationValidator A context information validator is used to determine if a displayed context information is still valid or should be dismissed.

Class Summary
CompletionProposal The standard implementation of the ICompletionProposal interface.
ContentAssistant The standard implementation of the IContentAssistant interface.
ContextInformation A default implementation of the IContextInformation interface.
ContextInformationValidator A default implementation of the IContextInfomationValidator interface.

Package org.eclipse.jface.text.contentassist Description

Provides a content assist add-on for an ITextViewer. Content assist supports the user in writing  by proposing context sensitive completions at a given document position. A completion can also be a incomplete in itself and content assist provides means to deal with nested completions.

Package Specification

IContentAssistant defines the concept of the content assist add-on. It collaborates with content type specific completion processors (IContentAssistProcessor) in order to generate completion proposals (ICompletionProposal) valid at the current document position. The package provides a default implementation ContentAssistant which completely defines and implements the UI and the control flow for content assist.

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