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Packages that use HttpURI

Uses of HttpURI in org.eclipse.jetty.http

Subclasses of HttpURI in org.eclipse.jetty.http
 class EncodedHttpURI

Uses of HttpURI in org.eclipse.jetty.server

Fields in org.eclipse.jetty.server declared as HttpURI
protected  HttpURI HttpConnection._uri

Methods in org.eclipse.jetty.server that return HttpURI
 HttpURI Request.getUri()

Methods in org.eclipse.jetty.server with parameters of type HttpURI
 void Request.setUri(HttpURI uri)

Uses of HttpURI in org.eclipse.jetty.servlets

Methods in org.eclipse.jetty.servlets that return HttpURI
protected  HttpURI ProxyServlet.proxyHttpURI(String scheme, String serverName, int serverPort, String uri)
protected  HttpURI ProxyServlet.Transparent.proxyHttpURI(String scheme, String serverName, int serverPort, String uri)

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