Package org.eclipse.jgit.diff

Class Summary
ContentSource Supplies the content of a file for DiffFormatter.
ContentSource.Pair A pair of sources to access the old and new sides of a DiffEntry.
DiffAlgorithm Compares two Sequences to create an EditList of changes.
DiffConfig Keeps track of diff related configuration options.
DiffEntry A value class representing a change to a file
DiffFormatter Format a Git style patch script.
Edit A modified region detected between two versions of roughly the same content.
EditList Specialized list of Edits in a document.
HashedSequence<S extends Sequence> Wraps a Sequence to assign hash codes to elements.
HashedSequenceComparator<S extends Sequence> Wrap another comparator for use with HashedSequence.
HashedSequencePair<S extends Sequence> Wraps two Sequence instances to cache their element hash codes.
HistogramDiff An extended form of Bram Cohen's patience diff algorithm.
LowLevelDiffAlgorithm Compares two sequences primarily based upon hash codes.
MyersDiff<S extends Sequence> Diff algorithm, based on "An O(ND) Difference Algorithm and its Variations", by Eugene Myers.
PatchIdDiffFormatter A DiffFormatter used to calculate the patch-id of the diff.
RawText A Sequence supporting UNIX formatted text in byte[] format.
RawTextComparator Equivalence function for RawText.
RenameDetector Detect and resolve object renames.
Sequence Arbitrary sequence of elements.
SequenceComparator<S extends Sequence> Equivalence function for a Sequence compared by difference algorithm.
Subsequence<S extends Sequence> Wraps a Sequence to have a narrower range of elements.
SubsequenceComparator<S extends Sequence> Wrap another comparator for use with Subsequence.

Enum Summary
DiffAlgorithm.SupportedAlgorithm Supported diff algorithm
DiffConfig.RenameDetectionType Permissible values for diff.renames.
DiffEntry.ChangeType General type of change a single file-level patch describes.
DiffEntry.Side Specify the old or new side for more generalized access.
Edit.Type Type of edit

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