Package org.eclipse.jgit.errors

Exceptions thrown by lower-level JGit APIs.


Exception Summary
AmbiguousObjectException An AbbreviatedObjectId cannot be extended.
CheckoutConflictException Exception thrown if a conflict occurs during a merge checkout.
CompoundException An exception detailing multiple reasons for failure.
ConfigInvalidException Indicates a text string is not a valid Git style configuration.
CorruptObjectException Exception thrown when an object cannot be read from Git.
EntryExistsException Attempt to add an entry to a tree that already exists.
IncorrectObjectTypeException An inconsistency with respect to handling different object types.
IndexWriteException Cannot write a modified index.
InvalidObjectIdException Thrown when an invalid object id is passed in as an argument.
InvalidPatternException Thrown when a pattern passed in an argument was wrong.
LargeObjectException An object is too big to load into memory as a single byte array.
LargeObjectException.ExceedsByteArrayLimit Object size exceeds JVM limit of 2 GiB per byte array.
LargeObjectException.ExceedsLimit Object size exceeds the caller's upper limit.
LargeObjectException.OutOfMemory An error caused by the JVM being out of heap space.
LockFailedException An exception occurring when a file cannot be locked
MissingBundlePrerequisiteException Indicates a base/common object was required, but is not found.
MissingObjectException An expected object is missing.
NoClosingBracketException Thrown when a pattern contains a character group which is open to the right side or a character class which is open to the right side.
NoRemoteRepositoryException Indicates a remote repository does not exist.
NotSupportedException JGit encountered a case that it knows it cannot yet handle.
NoWorkTreeException Indicates a Repository has no working directory, and is thus bare.
ObjectWritingException Cannot store an object in the object database.
PackInvalidException Thrown when a PackFile previously failed and is known to be unusable
PackMismatchException Thrown when a PackFile no longer matches the PackIndex.
PackProtocolException Indicates a protocol error has occurred while fetching/pushing objects.
RemoteRepositoryException Contains a message from the remote repository indicating a problem.
RepositoryNotFoundException Indicates a local repository does not exist.
RevisionSyntaxException This signals a revision or object reference was not properly formatted.
RevWalkException Indicates a checked exception was thrown inside of RevWalk.
StopWalkException Stops the driver loop of walker and finish with current results.
StoredObjectRepresentationNotAvailableException A previously selected representation is no longer available.
SymlinksNotSupportedException An exception thrown when a symlink entry is found and cannot be handled.
TooLargeObjectInPackException Thrown when PackParser finds an object larger than a predefined limit
TranslationBundleException Common base class for all translation bundle related exceptions.
TranslationBundleLoadingException This exception will be thrown when a translation bundle loading fails.
TranslationStringMissingException This exception will be thrown when a translation string for a translation bundle and locale is missing.
TransportException Indicates a protocol error has occurred while fetching/pushing objects.
UnmergedPathException Indicates one or more paths in a DirCache have non-zero stages present.
UnpackException Indicates a ReceivePack failure while scanning the pack stream.
UnsupportedCredentialItem An exception thrown when a CredentialItem is requested from a CredentialsProvider which is not supported by this provider.

Package org.eclipse.jgit.errors Description

Exceptions thrown by lower-level JGit APIs.

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