Class InflaterCache

  extended by org.eclipse.jgit.lib.InflaterCache

public class InflaterCache
extends Object

Creates zlib based inflaters as necessary for object decompression.

Method Summary
static Inflater get()
          Obtain an Inflater for decompression.
static void release(Inflater i)
          Release an inflater previously obtained from this cache.
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Method Detail


public static Inflater get()
Obtain an Inflater for decompression.

Inflaters obtained through this cache should be returned (if possible) by release(Inflater) to avoid garbage collection and reallocation.

an available inflater. Never null.


public static void release(Inflater i)
Release an inflater previously obtained from this cache.

i - the inflater to return. May be null, in which case this method does nothing.

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