Package org.eclipse.net4j

The Net4j transport layer.

The five main interfaces of the transport layer are:

Interface Summary
ILocationAware A concept that has a location in a client/server scenario.
ITransportConfig A common transport configuration that specifies basic dependencies for channel multiplexers, connectors and acceptors.
ITransportConfigAware A concept that has a transport configuration, typically a channel multiplexer, connector or acceptor.

Class Summary
ContainerProtocolProvider Base class for container-based protocol providers like ContainerProtocolProvider.Client or ContainerProtocolProvider.Server.
ContainerProtocolProvider.Client Container-based protocol provider for client protocols.
ContainerProtocolProvider.Server Container-based protocol provider for server protocols.
FactoriesProtocolProvider Factory-based protocol provider.
Net4jUtil A utility class with various static factory and convenience methods.
TransportConfigurator Reads an XML config file and creates, wires and starts the configured acceptors.
TransportInjector An element post processor that injects a transport configuration into the connectors and acceptors of a managed container.

Enum Summary
ILocationAware.Location A location in a client/server scenario.

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2012 Eike Stepper (Berlin, Germany) and others.